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Thetford Toilet Seat Raiser C200 Toilet - 299899

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Thetford Toilet Seat Raiser C200.Thetford have developed a Toilet Seat Raiser to improve the ease of sitting down and standing up from the Cassette Toilets in the C200 Campervan Caravan Motor home toilets.
The Thetford Toilet Seat Raiser accessory will raise seating height by approx 7 cm.
White Plastic.

Easy to attach seat and cover to the Toilet Seat Raiser.
Raises the seat height with approximately 7 cm for easier stand up/sit down.
Easy to install on the original Thetford C200 series.
Same original Thetford quality.

Please note that this item does not fit on other toilet series other than the C200 series, ie. it will not fit the C262, C263 etc.
Product Code 299899.

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